Additional Resources


Steps to Christ ebook

Also known as Happiness Digest. It was first published as 1892, and it has been translated to more than 165 languages. This book has inspired the lives of millions around the world.

Its thirteen short chapters make it easy to discover the steps to enjoy the genuine happiness that only comes from knowing and trusting Jesus, and that is precisely part of the path to true happiness.


Steps to Christ in audio

Great tool to meditate on our Creator, the author and finisher, not only of our faith, but also of our existence.

Excellent to remind us that God is the only source of life.

Appropriate for when one travels, or needs to rest the eyes.


The Great Hope ebook

As we look at what is happening around us, it is not difficult to feel that there is a battle between good and evil, and that we are in the middle of it.

This book helps us to be certain that, despite what we see (natural disasters, pandemics and others), God is in control.

Do yourself a favor! Read this book and begin to enjoy the great hope.



The Great Hope audiobook

Just like the ebook version, this work provides us with certainty and a clear perspective that allows us to enjoy peace and security.

You will not only discover how God’s love will ultimately end death, pain, and suffering, but you will also affirm you trust in our Creator.


The Desire of Ages ebook

This book provides a wonderful insight into the life of Jesus Christ’s vital ministry of salvation to planet earth. It is considered one an excellent biography because it harmonizes all four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) and presents them as one chapter.

Out of the thousands of books available at the U.S. Library of Congress on the life of Jesus, this one is among the most consulted and asked for.


The Desire of Ages audiobook

Just like the ebook version, it provides a wonderful insight into the life of Jesus Christ’s vital ministry of salvation to planet earth. 

As you listen The Desires of Ages, your insights on the life of Jesus will make you feel as if you were an actual eyewitness. You will develop trust and appreciation, and find ways to apply Christ’s deeds on your life.

Ideal while you drive, jog, walk the dog or do things around the house.


The Great Controversy ebook

This classic, also known as Cosmic Conflict, or The Great Controversy Ended, connects the past with the present and the future.

It presents the story of the controversy between God and Satan that will soon end in victory for God and His people. 

Read by millions around the world, this best seller helps us understand the forces that shape our daily lives and allows us to choose our role in this cosmic conflict.


The Great Controversy audiobook

Just like the ebook version, this work starts This work starts with the destruction of Jerusalem and follows through the Dark Ages, Reformation and worldwide religious awakening. Draw courage as you read of Christ’s second coming and the New Earth.

Though it’s hard to imagine a world without pain, suffering and death, this book helps us to understand what eternal joy and happiness are.