After assisting other Adventist ministries to reach more people, we realized that there was nothing specifically designed to help churches reach their communities. By combining  Internet, outdoor and social media to present the Adventist message in a very friendly and inviting way, any church can make a big difference in its town or city. Reach out to your community as never before. By presenting the Gospel as what it is, the gateway to real happiness, your church will expand its circle of influence. The following presentation offers more details:

Click this picture to a window  decal sample. Happiness4me-600x400.gif Whenever we intentionally share something, the first message that we are conveying is that what we are sharing is important. See what others say about the Share God’s Happiness plan. To Top Thousands are visiting the Happiness4me website. We praise God because the numbers grow everyday!  This is a golden outreach opportunity.  Your church needs to be listed in our map! The Happiness4me Web site is part of the Share God’s Happiness plan TRENDLINES-2017-800.jpg

Falling behind. In 1863, when our church was established, we had a much better perspective on reaching the world population. Click on the above picture to see why if we really want to go home, we need to take action to carry out the Great Commission.

H4me-US-49 states.jpg

A lifeline for the perishing. The outreach capabilities of this system are simply outstanding! During the pilot stage in a handful cities, people from almost every state responded. Click on the above thumbnail to see why your church needs to be on our map.

H4me-US-160 Metro areas.jpg

This is just the beginning. As of August 2013, during the “Share God’s Happiness” pilot program, 6 churches are reaching people in 160 U.S. metropolitan areas, 8 out of the 10 Canadian provinces, and much more. Think of how many more people will be reached as additional churches join the plan!

H4me-US-1021 cities.jpg

Find your city. The Happiness4me website is having visitors from more than 1,021 U.S. Cities. Click on the above picture to find out more.

If you need instructions on how to install the Happiness4me window decals, please click here