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For some people, the idea of God giving any kind of explanation sounds not only absurd but also disrespectful. After all, being God, He is infinitely superior to His creation. However, the Bible presents us a friendly, kind, approachable and gracious God who intervenes in history and takes the initiative to reach out to His creatures. He wants us to know why this world is the way it is and what lies ahead in the future.

In the first chapter of the first book of the Bible, Genesis, we are told how the Creator produced the physical world, including human beings, in six days. In the second chapter we discover how all those preparations of the previous days of Creation culminate in the introduction of human life and a special pause to commemorate the week of creation.
In contrast with everything else that was God brought to existence only by saying it (Genesis 1:3-24), when creating Adam, the first man, the Creator took a very different way. First we are told that humans were created “in the image of God” (Genesis 1:26). Then we read how God took a hands-on approach. This time the Creator stooped down and modeled the man from the dust of the ground. After that, He breathed into his nostrils His breath (or spirit) of life; and that just-formed, yet lifeless-man, became a living being (or living soul). Soon after, God created the first woman out of Adam’s rib..
They both were given a beautiful home called the garden of Eden (*). They were trusted to be God’s representatives to His creation. Among other things, God taught them that they were to eat of the fruits of the great variety of trees in the garden, out of all those trees except one. The instruction was very clear, should they eat out of a certain tree, they would die (Genesis 2:17).
Love to be genuine love, needs to be free. Adam and Eve were created with freedom of choice. That freedom meant that they could choose to love and trust God, or not.
In the third chapter of Genesis, we read how the first couple, despite being warned, chose not to trust God, and the way that made them subject to death. Ever since every human being is born mortal. Along with death, came pain, suffering, disease, injustice, etc.
Fortunately, the story doesn’t end there. The very Creator comes to inform them of a rescue plan. It involves a descendant from the woman that would complete this deliverance. Here, the Gospel promise is presented. The Redeemer of the human race is to come in the future.
Just like everything else that God says, it happens. Jesus, the descendant of the woman, came and fulfilled the promise of Genesis 3. He lived, He died, He came back to life again, He went up to Heaven, and also He promised to return. While He was on Earth, Jesus gave His followers signs and instructions for His return.
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This is very important because Jesus’ return will trigger a series of events that will conclude with bringing this planet back to its prior state and restoring everyone that takes on God’s offer to the original plan for mankind, eternal joy and happiness.
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Keep in mind that ultimate satisfaction, joy and happiness, are part of God’s plan for us. Don’t miss it!



((*) “Garden of Eden, “Gan Eden” in the original language. The term Eden means lovely, delightful, pleasant, charming. It’s not a surprise that often it’s translated as paradise.